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Establish your small business's credit line and gain access to additional capital and funds.

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70% of SMEs want to be digital but don't know how



Use Kiu BMP for 02 years and make your business more adaptable to the current digital environment.

BIDV Loan Program, where you can gain access to the additional capital and funds you need for your small business.


Kiu BMP is a cloud-based business management system that includes all the functionality of an ERP system but you pay and use only what you need.
Kiu BMP gives you a glimpse of your entire business from sales, CRM, point-of-sale, reports, human resources, and many more. 

Automate 95% your business processes

Access every time, every where

Integrated with BIDV iBank

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Kiu together with BIDV and ADB supports women-led small and medium-sized enterprises

by “Comprehensive financial Program to relief big impacts of Covid-19 pandemic”

In the period 2020-2021, many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), have been facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the main aim of supporting SMEs to recover and develop their business activities, BIDV has officially launched a “Comprehensive financial program on Covid-19 relief for Women-led Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” funded by ADB, and technology powered by Kiu, and BIDV with attractive financial and non-financial solutions.

BIDV’s solutions of accompanying and supporting SMEs has been highly appreciated and honored “Best SME Bank in Vietnam” for many consecutive years by prestigious international organizations such as The Asian Banking & Finance, The Global Banking & Finance Review, The Alpha Southeast Asia.

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