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Kiu is a technology company that developed Kiu BMP, a cloud-based Business Management Platform with a built in AI credit scoring engine that offers easier access to loans and credit for SMEs and businesses of all size. Kiu BMP is a platform like ERP but without the complexity and exorbitant cost. Kiu BMP is designed as a "pay as you go" system - pay a subscription on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis where you can select and pay for specific features and functions you need. Kiu BMP fits any business from a shop owner who needs an easy to use Point-of-Sale system to the multinational manufacturer.

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-Takehiko Nakao,

ADB President

ADB supports a number of technology startups in the Greater Mekong region. Under this initiative, KIU GLOBAL, a technology service company that provides artificial intelligence - based credit scoring to commercial banks, improving access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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Kiu Business Management Platform is like an ERP but without the high cost, constraints and complexity.

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