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Kiu means "Bridge." Kiu is a digital bridge connecting people, communities, countries, and banks with SMEs and MSMEs to help businesses to access capital in Asia. 
Kiu started in 2014 as a project to identify the issues faced by farmers MSMEs and SMEs. After interviewing over 600 business owners; Kiu Founders identified that access to finance and digitization are the key needs of these business owners.  With high financial institution rejection rates, non-existent credit histories and no collateral to put up to qualify for loans being the most common problems that these small business owners face.

Kiu pioneered the idea of software in the cloud for the emerging markets and creating impact using our technology to help SMEs and MSMEs in the ASEAN who are traditionally rejected by traditional financial institutions for loans and credit.

About Kiu Global

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Kiu first launched in Vietnam in 2015 and has globally impacted more than 25,000 SMEs in other countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Thailand where Kiu also has local offices.

Kiu developed Kiu BMP, a platform similar to an ERP but without the constraints, complexities and higher costs which a small business owner can afford. More importantly, Kiu not only provides a technological tool but an opportunity for more SMEs to grow.

Kiu bridges financial institutions and businesses using our Kiu Artificial Intelligence Credit Scoring Platform that analyzes data from Kiu Business Management Platform (BMP) or any third-party application for that matter, to score the loan repayment ability of a business. Our Kiu Credit Scoring platform analyzes fraud, transactional data and millions of historical loans over the past 14 years in conjunction with predictive analysis to create a credit score so banks or MFIs can loan money to MSME or SME instantly. Kiu mitigates risks by using the data collected through Kiu BMP and other data sources to develop data analytics that allows for a credit rating of SME clients.


This entire process enables SMEs to build a credit history that Kiu partner banks and MFIs can actually accept to grant a loan.

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Empower businesses to close the global credit gap and increase financial inclusion 


To become the bridge that digitally transforms businesses to make them more successful

Kiu can be your 

Buildings Through Windows


Commercial software and Internet services that provide software solutions that are hosted and integrated.

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Professional services that assist businesses of all sizes design, architect, migrate or build new applications.

VP Engineering

Chayaditt Hutanuwatra

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Kiu Global Team

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