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A Quick and Easy
Lending Process

eKYC, Onboarding, Loan Origination,
Credit Scoring and Loan Management
for your business's financial goals.



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Kiu connects your existing and new microservices to build a more accelerated, efficient, and safer lending process.  Kiu automates traditional banking service from eKYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer) to onboarding, loan origination, credit scoring, and loan management to connect you to customers and prospects through digital channels and grow your revenue.


Get quick results as you gain comprehensive insight to your customer data with Kiu eKYC. Manual KYC processes add significant friction to economy. This slows down the business, increases the costs for consumers, decreases financial inclusion, and halts the financial innovation due to the fear of regulatory enforcement action. Kiu eKYC improves the efficiency of the onboarding process by reducing or eliminating paper-based procedures and record-keeping, which reduces cost and time spent on verification, making it more profitable to provide services to low-income customers and set a new benchmark of customer service at the grassroots level. Quick funding empowers more SMEs to be flexible and free rather than get tied up with the collection of bank paperworks.


Gain more from your current workforce by digitizing and automating manual processes and procedures, that leads to improvements in efficiency. Kiu LaaS serves as digital backbone for third party microservices and API feeds (as new feeds become available) that leads to improved efficiencies and decision making. LaaS is highly tailored solution that maps out the FI’s processes and procedures to remove friction wherever possible.


With encryption, private networks and full compliance, Kiu LaaS is a more powerful and more secure than the systems once used by big banks.

Kiu provides the technology designed to support you make quicker and smarter decisions while maintaining high-quality data accuracy, governance, and compliance.
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