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Technology for Banks

​The future of banking will be more digitally driven.  The banking industry will be high-performing, fast-changing, and more competitive than ever. Kiu can turn a traditional banking experience into a digital banking one or reinvent payment and credit models to new-age digital real-time mode. Our banking consulting services empower clients with the best expertise provided by topmost practitioners who have been there and done it and continue doing to improve the digital banking experience. We bring hands-on experience, solutions (what works, what doesn’t) rather than armchair consulting. We will study your eco-system, use data-driven insights, and recommend the right strategy, technology, road-map, and tools to adopt for today's digital landscape, plus help you implement the same.

Kiu Lending-as-a-Service

Old Bank Building With Pillars | KIU Global

​We help banks adapt to a digital first approach, transform distribution and service channels to seamlessly incorporate digital and mobile banking.  


Kiu automates traditional banking service from eKYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer), to onboarding, loan origination, credit scoring and loan management to connect you to customers and  prospects through digital channels and grow your revenue. 

Kiu provides the technology designed to support you make quicker and smarter decisions while maintaining high-quality data accuracy, governance and compliance.  

Mobile Banking

Man Using Mobile Phone | Mobile Banking

We work alongside commercial, private and retail banking, MFI clients to develop and implement strategies that address today’s digital challenges while laying out a clear plan for future digital leadership. We work with banks across Asia, to help them adapt and prepare their businesses for market changes shaped by evolving digital technologies, dynamic consumer preferences, increasing competition and changing regulations.

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