Generate leads from incoming emails

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

People today still prefer email over any other digital form of communication in business. And building an email lead list is vital to get your product noticed by potential customers. KIU automates this process so you can generate leads from your incoming emails.

Now, there are several ways for your company to generate leads with KIU CRM. One is by using your company’s generic email address as a trigger to create a new lead in the system. In KIU, each one of your sales team members will get a link to their email address of which prospects can reach them.

For example, if the personal email address of your Direct team is, every email sent will automatically create a new opportunity for that sales team member.

To set-up, a team alias, go to the Sales module and click on Dashboard. You will see that the activation of your domain alias has been generated using a default email alias for your existing sales teams.

You can easily personalize your sales teams' aliases. Click on the More button for the sales team you prefer, then on Settings to access the sales team form.

In the Email Alias field, enter your email alias and click on Save. Make sure to allow receiving emails from everyone. From there, each email sent to this email address will generate a new lead into the related sales team.

Additionally, your sales team aliases can also create a generic email alias that will also generate a new contact in KIU CRM. Still, within the Sales module, go to Configuration ‣ Settings and set up your catch-all email domain.

Automating this method of communication helps you to establish a level of trust between your customers and your company. And as this trust continues to build, customers are more inclined to buy and engage with you.